Paul Robinson

Robinson, Paul: - Paul Robinson is a thyroid patient and sufferer. He became ill with hypothyroidism just before he was thirty years of age. He is sixty-one this year (2019). He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on thyroid and adrenal dysfunction. His scientific background enabled him to fight through the morass of misinformation and recover his health. He is now an established expert on hypothyroidism and how to recover from it. Paul, was put on the most common thyroid treatment to begin with - Levothyroxine (also known as Synthroid or T4). However, the majority of his symptoms remained, much like they do for many on T4-therapy. Over time he became even more ill, with both low cortisol and low thyroid symptoms. Paul saw many endocrinologists and doctors. Many of these were privately paid for, as he got more desperate and worried about losing his career. Eventually, he realised that he had to figure out what was wrong himself. During this time he was told, You will Read More chevron_right