Peter J Tomasi

Tomasi is a New York Times best-selling author whose earlier efforts include Batman & Robin, Superman/Wonder Woman, Batman: Detective Comics, and Batman: Arkham Knight, as well as other financially successful publications like Green Lantern Corps, Brightest Day, Emerald Warriors, and Nightwing. Peter served as a group editor for more than two decades at DC Comics, ushering in new periods for Batman, Green Lantern, and the JSA, as well as special projects like Kingdom Come. Peter is also the creator of the critically successful horror/drama series House of Penance (Dark Horse) with artist Ian Bertram, as well as the creator-owned books Light Brigade (Dark Horse) with artist Peter Snejbjerg, The Mighty (Dark Horse) with Keith Champagne and artists Peter Snejbjerg and Chris Samnee, and the critically acclaimed horror/drama series Light Brigade (Dark Horse) with artist Peter Snejbjerg.