Peter Shepperd

Shepperd, Peter: - Peter Shepperd is in his 40s, his interest in gardening started when he decided to give his family access to fresh, homegrown, and organic food. Peter has been studying new gardening approaches to diversify his experience and skillset. His experimentation has allowed him to figure out what works and what definitely doesn't. He disagrees with the use of pesticides and chemicals. He has decided to produce this series of books to cover all aspects of growing, gardening, and organic sustainability. Peter has spent over a decade experimenting with different gardening techniques and perfecting his approach to growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other plants. Not only this, but he has learned how to make the most of each part of the food that he grows. Teaching others has become his passion as some affordable, and straightforward practices have entirely transformed how his family gets access to healthy, delicious, nutritious, and attainable food. Peter's Read More chevron_right