Philip Pullman

PHILIP PULLMAN is one of today's most well-known authors. He is most known for the His Dark Materials trilogy, which was rated one of Newsweek's top 100 books of all time and one of Entertainment Weekly's all-time greatest novels. In the 2019 New Year's Honours, Pullman was knighted for his contributions to literature. Pullman's highly awaited return to the universe of His Dark Materials, The Book of Dust, will be a three-part novel. The Hidden Commonwealth continues the story that began with La Belle Sauvage.

Philip Pullman is the author of a number of other well-known works. I Was a Rat! is a book for younger kids. Sally Lockhart's quartet (The Ruby in the Smoke, The Shadow in the North, The Tiger in the Well, and The Tin Princess), The White Mercedes, and The Broken Bridge are recommended for adult readers. Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm is his great compilation, while Dmon Voices: On Stories and Storytelling is a collection of his essays and lectures on writing and storytelling.

Philip Pullman is an English author who lives in Oxford.