Rafael Sabatini

Rafael  Sabatini

Rafael Sabatini was born in Italy in 1875 to an English mother and an Italian father, both of whom were well-known opera singers. He created some of the world's most beloved heroes. He was educated in Portugal and Switzerland before moving to England at the age of seventeen, where he began writing after a brief spell in the business world. Despite being multilingual, he decided to write in English, arguing that all the best stories are published in [that language]. A collection of short tales inaugurated his writing career, which was followed by several novels. 'Scaramouche,' the much-loved narrative of the French Revolution, which became an worldwide bestseller, brought him fame.

Soon after, 'Captain Blood' was released, reigniting interest in his earlier works, which were rushed into reprint. He was a prolific writer for many years, but illness compelled him to stop writing in the 1940s, and he died in 1950. Sabatini is most known for his heroic protagonists and Read More chevron_right