Ratika Seehra

Seehra, Ratika: - As a passionate mother of two, I searched high and low for a children's picture book related to Sikhism and the teachings of ten Sikh gurus. Drawing a blank, I decided to start a small project of my own to help nurture their learning, with the hope that one day they too can embody the lessons of the ten gurus for themselves. This is where the title of the book The guru inside me says... was born and I soon realized that many other children around the world could also benefit from these teachings. The guru inside me says... is a visually charming book that serves as a basic introduction to Sikhism. There are little gems of knowledge highlighted throughout the book with simple universal moral values, which are present in all of us. If you enjoyed reading my children's book as much as I enjoyed designing and writing it then please consider leaving a review. Making kindness a habit, not just a choice. Ratika Seehra
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