Raymond Briggs

Raymond  Briggs

In the year 1934, Raymond Briggs was born in London. He went to Wimbeldon Art School at the age of 15 to learn how to draw since he aspired to be a comic. Yet, he was informed that cartooning was not a gentlemanly occupation and that he should pursue a career as a painter. Raymond then enrolled as a full-time student at the Slade School in London to study painting. He began working on a portfolio of graphics, including jackets and a wide range of drawings, in his leisure time to submit to publishers.

Raymond discovered that book illustration inspired him the most after illustrating for advertising, newspapers, and books. It allowed significantly more diversity and freedom than anything else. Maintaining a consistent illustration style over a lengthy period of time has always been difficult for Raymond. He is continually looking for fresh and innovative methods to experiment with his art. The Man and The Bear are two of Raymond's most well-known works.

The setting for is based on Raymond's own home and garden in Sussex, UK, near Brighton, at the foot of the South Downs.