Rebecca Voss

Voss, Rebecca: - Stolen is my first novel, but not the first time I've dabbled with writing. My writing career began in 7th grade when I wrote a catchy saying for the inside of a Christmas card. Unfortunately, Hallmark didn't come beating down my door to buy it. After some less than wonderful conditions in my life, I decided to write an inspirational story that not only helps me with the difficult situations that I have had in my life, but also to help others who have suffered loss. Be it a parent, spouse or a child. I am the mother of three children, step mother of two daughters and the Granny to four grandchildren. I live with my husband, Steve and our cats, Tipperdoodle and Spunky. I pray that Stolen will help others with their struggles in life and that they come to have a relationship with our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST.