Rex Miller

Rex  Miller

MindShift, a leading futures consultancy, human performance, coaching, and organizational strategy firm, is led by REX MILLER. Rex is also a five-time Wiley author and three-time international award-winning leader. BILL LATHAM is the founder and CEO of MeTEOR Education, a non-profit that collaborates with communities to develop holistic, high-impact learning experiences that completely engage today's kids and teachers. He is a driving force behind efforts to address the education crisis and change an out-of-date, often soulless system. KEVIN BAIRD is the chairman of the Global Center for College and Career Preparation and one of the co-authors of the Pathway for College and Career Readiness Standards.

He has been an expert in the use of technology to accomplish Accelerated Engaged Learning in our nation's schools for more than two decades. MICHELLE KINDER is a nationally famous speaker, writer, and expert on social emotional health and is the former Executive Director of Read More chevron_right