Richard Andrews

Richard Andrews has 10 years of teaching experience in Yorkshire, London, and Hong Kong, where he has taught English, Theatre, and English as a Second Language. Since then, he has worked at the universities of Hull, Middlesex (London), York, the Institute of Education (London), and New York University on beginning and continuing teacher education. He is the author and editor of several works on argument, including Narrative and Argument (Open University Press, 1989), Teaching and Learning Argument (Cassell, 1995), Essays in Argument (Middlesex University Press, 2000), and Learning to Argue in Higher Education (Heinemann/Boynton-Cook, 2001), as well as an edited collection of scholarly articles, Learning to Argue in Higher Education (Heinemann/Boynton-Cook, 2001). His research interests include verbal and visual argumentation, visual literacy, and e-learning. He continues to organize seminars and courses for teachers and students, most recently at NYU, where he taught 'Dramatic Activities in the English Classroom' and 'Educational Linguistics,' and at The University of York, where he taught 'Argumentation and Education.'