Richard Bachman

Richard  Bachman

Stephen King was actually two guys between 1966 and 1973. Richard Bachman authored a series of books that were not published until the early 1980s and then compiled as The Bachman Books, while Stephen King penned (and sold) horror stories to magazines like Cavalier and Adam. Bachman died of pseudonym cancer in 1985, not long after another of his novels, Thinner, was credited to Stephen King; yet, a sixth Bachman novel, The Regulators, appeared in 1995, and was released concurrently with Stephen King's Desperation, to which it bore a strange resemblance. The last novel written during Bachman's early time was Blaze, which was both harsh and tender. It's part of his legacy. The Haven Foundation, which assists independent artists, will receive a portion of King's revenues from Blaze.

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