Richard Bozulich

In 1936, Richard Bozulich was born in Los Angeles. He learned to be a concert pianist from the age of four to seventeen. From 1953 to 1956, he studied Mathematical Logic at UCLA under Richard Montague. In 1966, he transferred to UC Berkeley and earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics. He moved to Japan to study go in 1967.

He created Ishi Press Inc. in 1968. In Japan, he has released over 45 novels on the go. Kiseido Publishing Company, which he created in 1982, has published over 60 books on the move. In 1977, he began publishing Go World, a go magazine.

Until he quit publishing it in 2013, he released 129 issues. He is the president of Kiseido Publishing Corporation and is claimed to be the most prolific writer of English-language go books, having authored or translated around 50 books on the game. He lives in Chigasaki, Japan.