Richard Campbell

Richard Campbell, the director of Miami University's journalism program, is the author of 60 Minutes and the News: A Middle American Mythology (1991) and coauthor of Cracked Coverage: Television News, the Anti-Cocaine Crusade, and the Reagan Legacy (1994). He has contributed to Columbia Journalism Review, Journal of Communication, and Media Studies Journal, as well as serving on the editorial boards of Critical Studies in Mass Communication and Television Quarterly. He is a Ph.D. holder. a graduate of Northwestern University R. Christopher Christopher R. Christopher R. Christopher R.

Martin is the author of Framed! and a journalism professor at the University of Northern Iowa. For publications such as Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Journal of Communication Inquiry, Perspectives on Politics, Labor Studies Journal, and Culture, Sport, and Society, he has produced articles and reviews on journalism, broadcast sports, the Internet, and labor. He is also a member of the Journal of Communication Inquiry's editorial board. Bettina Fabos is an associate professor of visual communication and interactive media studies at the University of Northern Iowa. She is an award-winning video creator and former print reporter.

Wrong Turn on the Information Superhighway: Education and the Commercialized Internet (2004) is her first book. Critical media literacy, Internet commercialization, the role of the Internet in education, and media representations of popular culture are among her areas of study. Library Trends, Review of Educational Research, and Harvard Educational Review have all published her work. Fabos also holds a Ph.D. and has taught at Miami University.

a graduate of the University of Iowa