Richard Foley

Richard  Foley

Richard Foley was born in London and now lives near Munich, Germany, as an itinerant Perl programmer (since 1996). When he might be spending valuable time with his family, reading or playing chess, strolling or skiing in the surrounding mountains, he wastes the majority of his time programming in Perl and Oracle. He has a background in technical illustration and has developed applications in the Aerospace, Internet, and Banking industries using Perl and Oracle on UNIX. From 1997 until 2001, he was in charge of maintaining the perlbug database and contributed modifications to the Perl debugger, as well as writing the perl debugger tutorial (perldebtut). He is the author of several CPAN modules, notably Oracle:: Debug, a Perl debugger-inspired interface to the server-side Oracle PL/SQL engine.

He is a member of the YAPC:: Europe committee, which is responsible for arranging Perl conferences in Europe. He co-organized YAPC:: Europe::2002 in Munich. Broad Peak in the Karakorum Read More chevron_right