Richard Koch

Richard  Koch
RICHARD KOCH is the author or co-author of 19 books about ideas and how to use them for greater personal and business success. Chief among them is The 80/20 Principle, a major international bestseller that has sold over 700,000 copies worldwide, including over 100,000 in each of the U.K., U.S., Japan, and Korea. It has been translated into 26 languages and has spawned a number of offshoots, such as Living the 80/20 Way. He is also a highly successful entrepreneur and investor who rescued the Filofax company from near death and has started or helped to expand many other ventures, including Belgo restaurants, Plymouth Gin, and most recently Betfair -- Europe's largest and most profitable online gambling business. GREG LOCKWOOD is a Canadian who began his career at Auto Trader magazine and then went on to work in Europe. He is a venture capitalist specializing in network businesses who helped found Sunrise Telecom, the leading alternative telecom network operator in Switzerlandand, and invested in Betfair, where he was formerly chairman. This is his first book.