Richard Watson

Richard Watson, always interested in helping others, wrote this book to help make day to day living considerably safer. To achieve this goal, Richard worked with experts in law, finance, health and wellness, home and travel safety and many other specialists. The result is a book that can be used indefinitely for safety information and activities that are easy to practice, but in real life situations, could prove lifesaving. LIFELINE THE GUIDE TO LIFE PROTECTION is not just a book with lots of common-sense things to do. To start, Lifeline is written to address a common problem faced by many. That's how to get personal, legal and financial matters properly organized. This is the kind of task that's generally half done, if it's done at all! However, with guidance in Lifeline, everything that's important can be organized, so in the event of a fire or other emergency, details that matter most, will not be destroyed. Most of us acknowledge that being prepared for an emergency is a good idea. Read More chevron_right