Robert Allen

Before moving to the United States, AJ Rassamni spent eight years in Lebanon's civil war. In 1985, he set out to live the American Dream with only $100 in his pocket. He relocated to California and worked at a car wash during the day while attending night classes. He stated Wow, I adore this business within a week and established a goal to own it within ten years, which he achieved ten years later. AJ has researched the success methods of over 456 fast-growing firms since 1989, and has had well-known mentors along the road, including Tom Hopkins, Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, Robert Allen, and others.

AJ is now a business owner, speaker, consultant, inventor, and author. AJ has a track record of boosting revenue by up to 214% in just 30 days. For boosting profit 400% in one year, he was highlighted in Forbes journal as the entrepreneur of the week and on the front cover of a national trade magazine. AJ developed a fantastic system for advising firms, management, and employees on how to promote, innovate, and automate their processes in order to dramatically boost profit in a short period of time.