Robert Lanham

Robert  Lanham

About the Author Robert Lanham is the author of The Emerald Beach Trilogy, a romance novel that contains Pre-Coitus, Coitus, and Aftermath. Redbook recently dubbed this collection of literature a beach towel classic. Robert has a superb figure and frequently drives his Camaro shirtless. Although brushing his teeth multiple times a day, he is nonetheless prone to cavities. FREEwilliamsburg, which can be viewed online at, is his present position as Editor.

He resides in Brooklyn, New York, and works weekends at Foot Locker. Bret Nicely's views combining creative practices with sandwich making bolstered much of the early twenty-first century's cultural output. Post-Structuralist Beer n' Brat won the Turner Prize in 2002, and Gourmet Magazine called it a Best One Dish Dinner. Bret met Robert Lanham through a shared love of falafel and went on to become the Chief Creative Officer of FREEwilliamsburg in 1999.

He currently resides in Brooklyn and Read More chevron_right