Robert Lee

Robert  Lee
Just who is Robert Lee? And more importantly, where is he? All attempts to locate him have failed. Muncaster private detective, Dick Privet, hired to discover his whereabouts, drew a blank, a face that resembled a potato, and a three legged horse. But, enough of his artistic failings; what did he discover about the elusive Robert Lee? Rumour (and a plea for help in the form of a note attached to a carrier pigeon's leg) has it that the unfortunate scribe is being held against his will in Muncaster's asylum. Other than the one attached to Lucky, his Jack Russell terrier, this was the only lead Dick had. Keen to get to the truth, he tried to gain access to the asylum, but was prevented from doing so by the gargantuan Igor, the over-enthusiastic doorkeeper whose job is to ensure the inmates remain within its four walls. Even though it does not come within his job description, he also enjoys keeping everyone else without, a task he undertakes with relish, and sometimes with tomato ketchup - Read More chevron_right