Robin Bloor

Notes about the Author Robin Bloor was born in Liverpool, England, in 1951. He graduated from Nottingham University with a BSc in Mathematics and began working in the computer business, originally as a software developer. He worked as a technology analyst and consultant from 1989 forward. Since then, he's been a one-of-a-kind writer. He received an honorary Ph.D. in 2002.

Wolverhampton University in the United Kingdom offers a degree in computer science. He is currently based in Austin, Texas, and works there. Bloor met and became a student of Rina Hands in 1988, after meandering through many work groups. Rina was J's former associate.

G.Bennett, a Peter Ouspensky disciple who eventually became a George Gurdjieff student. She remained a part of J. after Gurdjieff's death. For a time, I was a member of G.Bennett's group. She went on to organize groups in both London, where she lived, and Bradford, in the north of England, at first in collaboration with Madame Nott.

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