Roger Davis

ROGER DAVIS Staff Tutor in the Faculty of Health and Social Care, The Open University in Scotland. He is chair of the Social Work and the Law in Scotland course that this Reader accompanies and is also co-chair of the Foundation for Social Work Practice course. He has been involved in social work education since 1994 and has taught a range of Open University courses since 1999. Roger has practised as a Social Worker and Mental Health Officer. He also has experience in the voluntary sector and as an independent social care educator. He is currently a member of the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland.

JEAN GORDON Associate Lecturer at The Open University in Scotland and an Independent Researcher. She has worked in Scotland as a Social Worker and Mental Health Officer in schools, hospitals and community mental health settings. She combines teaching on the Open University's social work programme in Scotland with research, writing and publishing in the fields of mental health, social work education, and practice learning.