Roger L Green

Roger Lancelyn Green was born in 1918 and lived in Oxford and at his family home in Cheshire, which the Greens had owned for more than 900 years. He loved storytelling and was fascinated by traditional fairy tales, myths and legends from around the world. He was a professional actor, a librarian and a teacher. His retellings include Egyptian, Greek and Norse legends, plus a retelling of Robin Hood. He also wrote many books for adults, including a biography of his friend C. S. Lewis, creator of the The Chronicles of Narnia. Roger Lancelyn Green died in 1987.

Michael Myers is an illustrator, visual designer, and 2d/3d animator who has developed graphics for mobile devices, online games, and even t-shirts, many of which were created using his pixel art technique. He lives in Ames, Iowa and is the Creative Director at Drawsgood, Inc. View his artwork at and follow him on Twitter @drawsgood.