Born in New York City, Rosemary Wells grew up in a house filled with books, dogs, and nineteenth-century music. Her childhood years were spent between her parents' home near Red Bank, New Jersey, and her grandmother's rambling stucco house on the Jersey Shore. Most of her sentimental memories, both good and bad, stem from that place and time. Her mother was a dancer in the Russian Ballet, and her father a playwright and actor. Mrs. Wells says, Both my parents flooded me with books and stories. My grandmother took me on special trips to the theater and museums in New York.

When I was two years old I began to draw and they saw right away the career that lay ahead of me and encouraged me every day of my life. As far back as I can remember, I did nothing but draw.

A self-proclaimed poor student, Wells attended the Museum School in Boston after finishing high school. It was, she recalls, a bastion of abstract expressionism an art form that brought to my mind things I don't like to Read More chevron_right