Roy Macgregor

 Roy  Macgregor

Roy MacGregor has spent his entire life playing hockey. He competed against Bobby Orr, a boy from neighboring Parry Sound, for numerous years while growing up in Huntsville, Ontario. He then returned to the game after relocating to Ottawa with his family, where he worked for the Ottawa Citizen and rose to the position of Southam National Sports Writer. He continues to play old-timers hockey and has coached minor hockey for over a decade. Roy MacGregor is the author of several works that have become classics in the field of hockey literature.

Both Home Game (authored with Ken Dryden) and The Home Team were ranked No. 1 in their respective categories. National bestsellers number one. He's also the author of The Final Season, the most well-known novel in the game. Road Games, The Seven A.M., and The Seven A.M. are among his other works.

A Life in the Bush, a memoir of his father, and Practice were his most recent works. He's also published novels about the Ottawa Valley and native leaders. Roy MacGregor is now a regular contributor to the National Post as a senior columnist. His wife Ellen and he live in Kanata, Ontario.

Kerry, Christine, Jocelyn, and Gordon are their four children.