Russ Manning

Gaylord Dubois was born in 1899. A comic book writer, he was best known for his work on outdoor adventure titles such as Red Ryder and Tarzan, and numerous Western comics starring characters like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Dubois also wrote a number of prose books, including The Lone Ranger, which was the first novel adapting that popular character. In the 1980s he published several books of spiritual poetry. Dubois passed away in 1993.

Russ Manning (1929-1981) was a comic book artist who is currently a member of the Comic Book Hall of Fame. Manning is known for Magnus, Robot Fighter and Tarzan. He was educated at the Los Angeles County Art Institute and soon after graduating began working at Dell Comics. Manning's work in newspaper comic strips is considered legendary and the Russ Manning Award, an award given to the most promising newcomer in the field of comic book illustration, is named after him.