Ryan Beauchesne

Ryan  Beauchesne

Ryan Beauchesne works as an online marketer for a web development and marketing firm in Ottawa, Ontario. His knowledge and talents in web marketing have aided in the growth of the site to where it is now. Ryan has taken care of everything related to the blog, including the writing, photography, web design, social media interaction, and nearly everything else. Ryan has a long history of creative efforts, and has always been busy with some form of project. He grew up with William Wegman's photo books on his coffee table and has read every Calvin & Hobbes comic book at least once - both of which served as inspiration for the New York Times bestseller Crusoe novel. Ryan has written for a number of corporate websites and blogs as a ghost writer. The Crusoe blog has won back-to-back 'Best Pet Blog' awards in 2013 and 2014.