Ryuu Shinohara

Shinohara, Ryuu: - Best-selling author, spiritual teacher, researcher, and father, Ryuu Shinohara has been excelling in the spirituality and metaphysics field for nearly 25 years. He's the author of 'The Magic of Manifesting' and 'A Life of Liberation', two works of art that express his passion and knowledge of the subject. His inspiration comes from simply entering a deeper state of awareness of the 'true reality' we are living in and how much of an influence it's had in his life. As a little boy, raised in Ashibetsu, Japan, he was taught about the Japanese religion Shinto and the ancient teachings of Buddha by his family and the kannushi (Shinto priest) that frequented the shrine. Through passion and a curiosity for life, Ryuu moved to Amsterdam where he met his wife and raised a family. He began his career initially as a counselor and on the side did 1-on-1 spiritual consulting. With this experience, and the eagerness to share his knowledge and wisdom to help others, he decided to make a bigger impact through his writing.