Sal Mangano

Sal Mangano has been writing software since the days of Borland Turbo C, and has experience with a wide range of programming languages and technologies. Sal worked on a number of mission-critical systems, particularly those related to financial trading. Sal's two publications (XSLT Cookbook and Math Mathematica Cookbook) may appear to be an strange pair of technologies for a single author, yet they share a common concept that reflects his perspective on what makes a language powerful. Pattern matching and transformation are at the heart of both Mathematica and XSLT. They may use these patterns in a variety of ways and transformations to achieve various goals, but they are all good at what they do and fun to program in for the same reason.

Sal's enthusiasm for these languages and ideas is evident in both recipes. He also enjoys pushing technology to their limits and into every nook and corner of an application. Sal has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Polytechnic University, which shows in the diverse range of recipes he compiled for these volumes.