Sally French

SALLY FRENCH is Associate Lecturer at the Open University, UK where she teaches a variety of health and social care and social science courses. She has taught, written and researched in the area of Disability Studies for many years and has published widely in the field. Her current research interests include the history of disability and the experiences of disabled people in health and social care. Much of her work in the area of Disability Studies has its roots in her earlier work as a care assistant and a physiotherapist and her experiences as a disabled person.

JOHN SWAIN is Professor of Disability and Inclusion at Northumbria University, UK.He has taught and researched in the area of Disability Studies for over thirty years at both Northumbria University and the Open University. John has published widely in this field, particularly co-authoring and co-editing texts with Sally French; and is Executive Editor for the Disability and Society journal. His current Read More chevron_right