Sam McBratney

Sam McBratney is the author of the best-selling GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU and many other books for children. Of this book he says, People often ask authors where their ideas come from, and often authors say they don't know. But I do know about this one. Once upon a time, my wife and I had three small children two boys and a girl, just like in the story. And when they were young, we used to tell them a story very like YOU'RE ALL MY FAVORITES. Sam McBratney lives in Northern Ireland.
Anita Jeram is the award-winning author-illustrator of I LOVE MY LITTLE STORYBOOK. She also illustrated KISS GOOD NIGHT and other books by Amy Hest, GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU by Sam McBratney, and many other picture books. Recently, her son asked her which one of the children in their family was the best himself, his brother, or his sister. She explained they were all equal in her eyes, and he came back with
another question: Okay, then, who's the cleanest? Anita Jeram says, There's always one in every family. She lives in Northern Ireland.