Sarah Morgan

Pastor Sarah Morgan is the President of Women of Vision, part of Vision International Ministries, a ministry founded and headed by her husband, Bishop Peter Morgan. Pastor Morgan is a prophetess, evangelist and teacher by calling. She is skillful, prolific, insightful and balanced in the teaching of the Word of God. She operates mightily in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Prophetic and Revelatory realms; and serves to build strong Word-based prophetic leaders of excellence. She is known as a prayer warrior who prays with sniper precision and with definitive results of healing and deliverance. Pastor Sarah Morgan's ministry is characterized by compassion, sincerity, truth and integrity. Pastor Morgan has shaken her local community within Los Angeles and is also sought after across the globe. Everywhere she goes the power of God within her is demonstrated, as the atmosphere changes in her presence and the forces that exist, move back to accommodate the Word of God.