Sarah Prout

SARAH PROUT went from living on the streets to launching a multimillion-dollar company. She is the creator of The Manifesting Academy and an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. Sarah currently encourages millions of people around the world to tune into their limitless potential and materialize a life they love after teaching metaphysics and manifesting for over a decade. Her Facebook fan page, Path to Manifesting podcast, email newsletter, and website and blog are all places where she shares her knowledge. Sarah's goal is to motivate others to materialize health, prosperity, and love in their lives.

She thinks that everybody can live the life of their greatest dreams and have complete control over their fate, and she demonstrates how to do so with simple and straightforward actions and mini-meditations. Sunrise on 7 (TV), LA Talk Radio, Cosmopolitan magazine, Woman's Day, The Daily Mail, and others have all featured her work. Sarah was born in New Zealand, grew up in Australia, and currently lives with her husband and four children in Las Vegas, Nevada.