Scott Berkun

Scott  Berkun

From 1994 through 2003, Scott Berkun worked at Microsoft as a manager on projects such as Internet Explorer versions 1 through 5 (not 6). Making Things Happen, The Myths of Creativity, and Confessions of a Public Speaker are his three best-selling books. He is a full-time writer and speaker whose work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, The Economist, The Washington Post, Wired, National Public Radio, and others. He writes for Harvard Business and BusinessWeek on a regular basis, has taught creative thinking at the University of Washington, and has been on MSNBC and CNBC as an innovation and management expert. On his surprisingly popular blog,, he writes frequently about innovation and creative thinking, and he tweets as @berkun.

His life's objective is to fill the bookshelf over his writing workstation with books he has written. He would have chosen a smaller shelf if he had been clever. He is located in Seattle, Washington, but Read More chevron_right