Scott Mccormick

Scott McCormick enjoys aggravating his children till they tell their mother when he isn't flustering emus or stymying mambas. He is a writer as well. He writes a wide range of material. Some of it is excellent. He created the Pants graphic novel series.

That are excellent. You should definitely have a look at these. So are the Audiobook books he writes, including Rivals! He's working on a funny book about pirates, and he's also looking forward to his debut novel, The Dragon Squisher, which is as funny and squishy as it sounds.

Because you never know, he recently changed his middle name to Hugo-threepeater. He lives on the western end of the easternmost section of southern North Carolina with his wife, children, cats, and a crawfish named Clamps until he lost a claw and became simply Clamp. If you dare, follow Scott on Instagram at authorscottmccormick.