Michael Scott

Michael Scott is the pen name of a Columbus, Ohio-based certified hypnotherapist with an engineering and computer sciences background. The son of two mental health professionals, Mike worked for years with others to develop the Relyfe Programming approach to hypnosis. Mr. Scott is the long time editor of, and contributor to The Practice of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. For decades, Mr. Scott has published articles on the subjects of hypnosis, sexual expression, the treatment of sexual dysfunction, anorexia, weight problems, chronic pain and self-mutilation through Relyfe Programming. Mr. Scott has consulted with individuals and attorneys around the country on federal habeas corpus and 28 U.S.C.2255 matters. He welcomes suggestions, comments and criticisms at [email protected] Mike cites his wife Melissa as motivation for his ongoing efforts at helping others, and for helping to take himself a little less seriously than he might otherwise.