Scott Peters

Scott Peters has always been enthralled by all things Egyptian. Peters designed nearly 300 museum, scientific center, and theme park installations for the Smithsonian, the Washington Children's Museum, Walt Disney World, and Paramount Pictures before retiring to focus on writing. For the Nickelodeon Channel, Peters assisted in the creation of an interactive TV show. Writing intriguing stories that transport readers to ancient Egypt is the author's sincere love. Scott Peters is the creator of a middle grade mystery and adventure series set in ancient Egypt about two young sibling detectives.

Fans of Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles and Percy Jackson books will enjoy them. These books will appeal to anyone who appreciates myths and tales, mythological gods and goddesses, or mystery books with adventure and intrigue, such as the Hardy Boys and Theodore Boone. The largest collection of mummy facts in one trivia reference book can be found in Scott's non-fiction Ancient Egypt Mummy book. His works are appropriate for readers in middle school and up.

Homeschooling parents, children's book clubs, instructors, schools, and libraries all love them.