Sean Parnell

Sean  Parnell

Sean Parnell is the founder of Innovaxis, a marketing consulting firm, and the Chicago Bar Project, which commemorates the city's outstanding drinking establishments. He's written for Esquire Magazine, Time Out, and about Chicago's top taverns, led historic pub crawls for the Chicago History Museum, and visited the world in quest of the world's best pubs. He is based in Chicago. Sean Parnell is a boozehound with a penchant for writing. He founded in 2000 and has written for Esquire Magazine, Time Out, and on Chicago's top pubs. Please buy his book, Historic Bars of Chicago, so he can get some aid. When he's not writing about bars, Parnell runs Innovaxis, a marketing consulting firm that helps businesses develop, improve their websites, and launch new products and marketing campaigns.

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