Sean S Larkin

Sean Sticks Larkin has spent 20 plus years working the streets as a Police Officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The vast majority of his law enforcement career has been been spent disrupting criminal street gangs and reducing violent crime to provide a safer life the citizens of Tulsa. He has worked in patrol, Major Crimes Homicide and Street Crimes before being promoted to Sergeant. As a supervisor he has overseen the Narcotics Unit, the Organized Gang Unit, and most recently the Crime Gun Unit. Sean currently provides expert analysis on A&E's hit television show LivePD and he also hosts the A&E television show PD Cam. Sean resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his two children.

Michael Lewis is the author of fourteen books including The 100 Best Beatles Songs and A Guy Walks Into a Car. A veteran publishing professional, Mike has acquired and edited more than 500 titles in 20 years. He lives in North Jersey with his family.

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