Sfe R Monster

Sfü¾Ž–”¼ is a queer Canadian comic artist living divided between the east coast (Halifax) and west coast (Vancouver) of Canada.

Sfü¾Ž–”¼ writes, draws, scripts and designs characters, comics, and stories for both personal and collaborative purposes. Some of Sfü¾Ž–”¼'s projects include Eth's Skin (a genderqueer webcomic about mermaids, selkies and sea monsters living on the west coast of British Columbia), and The Beyond Anthology (a queer sci-fi/fantasy comic anthology), as well as other comics like Kyle & Atticus, and Seven Stories From The Sea.

Sfü¾Ž–”¼'s work focuses on gender, queerness, genderqueerness, and a strong sense of all things Canadian. Sfü¾Ž–”¼ is a hockey fan, a monster enthusiast, and plays a mean game of Tetris.
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