Sharon Purtill

Sharon Purtill was an entrepreneur, a housewife, and a mother when she became a stock broker almost overnight in 1998. In that year, she had written and published her first book with her husband. The sales figures for that work exceeded their expectations by a factor of ten thousand, and they turned their garage into a publishing house in no time. Purtill is now a bestselling author who works in a variety of genres under various pen names. She hopes that her love for writing, her devotion to her family, and her optimistic outlook on life find their way into her books, enriching the lives of their readers.

But, one of your greatest dreams is to be able to escape the cold and capture her work on a tropical beach. Then their biggest worries would be a stale Margarita glass and the fact that suncream and sand don't mix well. Until then, she enjoys the sunny summer months in her home province of Ontario (Canada) and spends time with friends and family.