Shep Hyken

Shep  Hyken

Author Shep Hyken has spent twenty years studying great companies and the evangelists they create. In The Cult of the Customer, Hyken shows you how to design a strategy that leads both customers and employees through five distinct cultural phases--from uncertainty to amazement. By presenting dozens of case studies that show how great companies made this same journey, Hyken identifies the critical internal and external changes that allowed them to build a Cult of the Customer--and shows you how to do it too.
Hyken's message is both powerful and timely: the happier your customers and employees are, the more successful your company will be. The Cult of the Customer is your guide to creating a customer-focused culture that turns satisfied customers into customer evangelists.
Shep Hyken is a speaker and author who helps companies build loyal relationships with customers and employees. He is the author of Moments of Magic and The Loyal Read More chevron_right