Shuzo Oshimi

Shuzo  Oshimi

Shuzo Oshima, who is just in his mid-thirties, is already regarded as a seasoned veteran of the Japanese comics scene. Oshima has been writing amusing slice-of-life stories for big manga publishers like Kodansha for for a decade, winning the most prominent comics honors for rookies, the Tetsuya Chiba Award in 2001. Following nine series, Oshimi's star began to grow in 2008, when his first hit, Drifting Net Café, was released. Drifting Classroom, a horror-themed homage to famed Kazu Umezzo's work, was transformed into a live-action series, propelling Oshimi into the international arena. In 2009, with The Flowers of Evil, he would soar to new heights. The property quietly landed on various must-read lists in 2010 and 2011, helping to reinvigorate the shonen genre.