Sidney Powell

Sidney  Powell

Sidney Powell was lead counsel in 350 criminal appeals for the United States and more than 150 since going into private practice under nine US attorneys from both political parties over 10 years and three districts. After seeing a core group of federal prosecutors break all the laws, create up crimes, hide evidence, and put innocent individuals to prison in numerous of her cases, she was driven to write LICENSED TO LIE: Revealing Corruption in the Department of Justice. The book reads like a legal thriller, but it identifies the prosecutors who ascended to positions of tremendous power and the judges who stood by and did nothing to stop them from abusing their unbridled power. Sidney is frequently contacted for his thoughts on contemporary legal issues and government investigations, particularly the special inquiry led by Robert Mueller and his chief deputy Andrew Weissmann, who plays a true villain in LICENSED TO LIE. Visit for additional information about her media appearances, articles, and legal practice.