Stephan Labossiere

Stephan  Labossiere

Stephan Labossiere, a.k.a. Stephan Labossiere, a.k.a. Stephan Laboss @StephanSpeaks is a man on a mission, and that mission is to help others have happier and more satisfying relationships. Stephan seizes every opportunity as a professional relationship coach, speaker, and author to assist men and women overcome the obstacles that stymie their relationships. Stephan's relationship advice and insight helps many individuals reach an honestly fantastic life, from knowing the other sex to navigating the roads and avoiding the traps of relationships and self-growth. Stephan enables millions of people to take control of the challenging conditions that stand in the way of the life and love they desire, and to make everyday choices that have an impact.

Stephan's plain, yet sympathetic delivery style, dedicated to assisting and keeping it real, attracts a diverse clientele, including renowned celebrities, civic and social groups, academic institutions, singles, and couples alike, who can and are ready to handle the truth! Stephan is in high demand because he can debunk beliefs about relationship breakdowns and obstacles--platonic, romantic, and otherwise--with zeal and skill. He's clearly the relationship guy, all relationships all the time, to use a term used by someone who attended one of his speaking engagements. Stephan Labossiere's name is synonymous with breaking down relationship boundaries, pushing past typical facades, and uncovering the truth, with an international following of singles and couples alike.

He brings this awareness of genuine connections to everyone he comes into contact with.