Stephen Harding

Stephen  Harding
Harding, Stephen: -

Bestselling, prize-winning author Stephen Harding has written some of the most exciting books you will ever read. Unique, stimulating, ingenious, dark, mind-blowing, spine-tingling, and twisted are words that would best be linked to his creations.

In 2008 his short play 'My Bench' won third prize in the Kingston Readers Festival before being published. Inspired by Stephen King's 'On Writing', he decided to publish his first novel 'Janus the Arrival' in 2013, having cut out the filler that bores so many readers. The sequel 'Janus the Offspring' followed in 2014 with the third part of the trilogy 'Janus the Sandlings' coming later that same year. 'Driven to Revenge' a horror/fantasy was released in 2016 with a crime thriller 'Twice Bad' featuring Detective Liberty Rock in 2017 with the sequel 'ISO Killer' released in March 2019.

2020 included 'Driven to Revenge' becoming a fantasy trilogy with a message about saving Read More chevron_right