Stephen Wolfram

Stephen  Wolfram

Stephen Wolfram was born in 1959 in the United Kingdom. He was schooled at Eton and Oxford, and at the age of twenty, he got his PhD in theoretical physics from Caltech. Wolfram received one of the first MacArthur prizes for his early work in particle physics, cosmology, and computer science. In 1981, Wolfram started working on the topic of complexity. Wolfram launched the first research center and the first journal devoted to the study of complexity after writing the series of papers included in this book.

He then founded Wolfram Research, Inc. in 1986 and began developing Mathematica. Mathematica, which was first released in 1988, has since become the industry standard software system for technical computation, with scientists, engineers, students, and others using it all around the world. Wolfram has won numerous accolades in the fields of science and business. He now splits his time between basic research and company leadership.