Sue Berg

Berg, Sue: - Sue Berg grew up with family stories; stories about hunting and fishing adventures, slightly irreverent relatives, and family sagas of immigrant descendants. Growing up with four brothers in the little Wisconsin town of Glenwood City, she tagged along as the odd-girl out and participated in wild risk-taking and saucy adventure-all at the hands of her daring siblings. Later, after a career in teaching and the trials and eventual successes of raising four children to adulthood, the smoke cleared. Through all the ups and downs, Sue continued to read a variety of literature. Completely by accident, she came across the book, Shut Up and Write! by Judy Bridges, founder of Red Bird Studio in Milwaukee. The advice struck a chord in her. She sat down at her computer five years ago and began writing. Driftless Gold is the story that wouldn't leave her alone and Judy's sage wisdom that launched her career as a writer. Driftless Gold is Sue's first novel. Previously in Read More chevron_right
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