Suzanne Ryan

Suzanne Ryan discovered the ketogenic diet in January 2015, and it transformed her life totally. Suzanne weighed 289 pounds when she started keto, and her energy and self-esteem were at an all-time low. Her failure to stick to a healthy diet made her exhausted, sick, and frustrated. She had shed 100 pounds in a year and had developed a new attitude toward food. Suzanne has lost 120 pounds and is dedicated to assisting others in achieving their goals.

Suzanne started her YouTube channel, Keto Karma, to talk about her weight-loss experience, offer encouragement, and share advice and recipes. She also runs the popular Keto Karma blog, where she shares useful tips, recipes, grocery hauls, and other keto-related tools and advice. Suzanne is a firm believer in individuals looking within themselves and realizing they already possess what they require to make positive changes in their lives. Suzanne, her husband Mick, and their daughter Olivia live in the San Francisco Bay Area.