Teresa Bateman

Teresa  Bateman

Teresa Bateman was born in Moscow, Idaho, but relocated to Washington State with her family when she was three years old, and has lived there ever since. Teresa, a voracious reader and writer, has been making up stories and poetry since she was in elementary school. Teresa describes it as as natural as breathing to her. Teresa used to drive her teachers crazy by 'creatively' completing projects in high school. She always followed their instructions to the letter, if not the spirit.

Knowing that the teachers would be reviewing hundreds of papers and wanting her to stand out, she worked hard to incorporate some comedy into her work. Teresa studied English classes in college for fun, and when she filed for a Washington State Teaching certificate, the state examined her transcripts and added an endorsement to teach English through the 12th grade! He published a class magazine in which students submitted material under pseudonyms. Their grades were determined by the number of Read More chevron_right