Terry T Waltz

Terry Waltz has a Ph.D. in Foreign Language Teaching (Mandarin Chinese) and is a NYS-certified Mandarin Chinese teacher as well as an internationally recognized presenter on the TPRS and Comprehensible Input methodology for teaching Chinese. Anna mei Banfa! is her first novel. The cold character reading method of teaching Chinese literacy, the TOP (Tonally Orthographic Pinyin) system of tonal spelling, and directional gestures for teaching Chinese tones are among her original contributions to Mandarin pedagogy. Dr. Waltz, a certified conference interpreter, spent a decade in Taiwan, where she obtained a second MA in Conference Interpreting from Fujen University and taught languages and interpreting to schools and government organizations around the island. She now resides in upstate New York, where she divides her time between developing Chinese resources for learners and instructors, designing educational games for Squid For Brains, and continuing her long-standing Mandarin and Spanish interpreting and translation practice.